08 May

Statement on the current socio political situation in Nicaragua

On April 17, 2018, the Nicaraguan government introduced a series of reforms to the Social Security System (INSS) Therefore, in response to these newly introduced measures, Nicaraguan citizens took to the streets, in the form of civil protest across the country. Although the President of Nicaragua rescinded the social security measures, the protests grew in scale and scope.

We believe that is important for you to know, that no one wishes to compromise what Nicaragua has worked so hard in terms of safety and economic stability. The Conference of Bishops in Nicaragua condemned repression against protesters and urged the government to listen to them.

"A unilateral decision always brings with it, social instability. Rectifying decisions is a sign of humanity, listening is the path of reason, seeking peace at all cost is wisdom," the Conference of Bishops said in a statement.

At this time, foreign embassies in the country have issued travel advisors and warning to Nicaragua, we understand that the diplomatic representation will consider the discharge of the alerts once the dialogue between the government, students, civil organizations and the private sector be installed
and have results on agreements.

Even though areas frequently visited by tourists haven’t being affected, airport and a irlines are operating and tour companies are in constant conversations the crisis has delivered a reduction in travel arrivals.

As far as Fenitur, Nicaragua International Tourism Fair(2019)organized by Canatur, due to the impossibility of ensuring the participation of the international trade (wholesalers and tour operators) to the event at this moment we have decided to reschedule. As soon as we have, the dates secured and confirmed, we will advise the new dates to national and international travel industry.

Please note that the Chamber of Tourism, all its different associations, are interested in resolving this crisis as soon as possible, we will contribute to the dialogue as part of the Nicaragua Superior Council (Cosep), hoping for the best and willingness of all parties to find the best solution to the crisis.

We will continue monitoring and will work together with our members to continue with the different activities to promote our beautiful destination and to regain the positive image of Nicaragua as soon as possible.

Lucy Valenti
President Chamber of Tourism of Nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua